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It is no secret that many hearts have been shattered by infidelity. With affairs and sexual addiction at all time highs in our society, it is no wonder that those affected by the real-life trauma and agonizing pain of unfaithfulness search for ways to cope, forgive, and eventually heal.

In her comprehensive, Christian self-help guidebook What Happens After Shattered?, licensed mental health counselor Dr. Deanna Sims shares gentle guidance that includes case examples, strategies for coping and healing, and over one hundred biblical passages.

With the hope of encouraging and supporting those on a journey to healing after infidelity, Dr. Sims addresses many key issues including:

  • how to identify the different types of affairs
  • honor anger as a natural phase of grieving
  • work toward a spirit of forgiveness
  • understand narcissism and the other dynamics of infidelity
  • create questions to determine whether to reconcile or terminate the marriage
  • implement an affair-prevention plan to safeguard your marriage.

What Happens After Shattered? reinforces the important message that hope, personal growth, and healing are possible even after the life-altering experience of an affair.

Where to Buy:

Available for sale at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or West Bow Press in paperback, hardcover, and kindle editions.

Raving Reviews:

"A unique and valuable resource for those in the Christian community." --Peggy Vaughan, author of To Have and To Hold and host of DearPeggy.com

"A well-thought-out Christian counseling book on the topic of infidelity." --Rona Subotnik, LMFT, coauthor of Surviving Infidelity, 3rd Edition and author of Why Did He Cheat on Me?
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